The lives of the disabled need change in many areas – some call for immediate attention and other aspects require long-term action. We believe it is essential to address both kinds of needs so that the transformation achieved ultimately is greater. To address the diverse needs of the disabled, we focus on the following areas:

Prevention of Disability
At Sukriti, we believe that work on disability must begin with the prevention of disability. Our prevention initiatives seek to create focus and catalyse action on the causes that make people disabled.

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Rehabilitation of the Disabled
A little assistance can make a big change. We periodically distribute mobility aids to the disabled. For instances, a pair of calipers or a tricycle cost very little but have a big impact on a disabled individual’s quality of life.

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Advocacy on Disability
Sukriti seeks to be an organisation that adds an accurate voice regarding the concerns of disabled groups in various areas – against discrimination, for equality, for recognition and for rights in a wide range of areas such as barrier-free access, education, health and employment. In the last two years, we have focused on sensitising society and advocating to key players about the need for creating spaces that are barrier-free for the disabled.

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Employability of the Disabled
Today, employment of the disabled has come to the forefront of disability issues. We believe it is not enough to recognise a disability and provide material assistance such as mobility aids. Such action only addresses the impairment of the disabled. In other words, such action is necessary but not sufficient. We believe it is equally critical to identify the potential that the disabled do have – be it potential developed through formal education or potential that indicates special talents in the disabled. Once, the potential is identified, it is important to provide support in a manner that helps realise the potential, either through employment or enterprise.

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