Urgent Need

Help a child walk


Help a child walk

Children born with birth defects need immediate attention. Children born with a defect that could cause a life time crippling condition calls for a very prompt action.If the child grows up with these defects and deformities, a child can never walk, run or play and may not even get an opputrunity to go to school. A child with club foot or child whose left and right hips are not aligned properly  or child with muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy can be corrected by the use of the right assistive device. We are reaching out to such children by  giving these disability aids free at Government Hospital. So far we have reached out to more than 400 children in the last one year. As children outgrow in size very fast these also need frequent replacement.

The corrective shoe for a child with limb deformity : Rs 2500

Number of children in need : 500 



You can  transfer funds online 

Bank Name                                                                : Bank of Maharashtra
Branch name                                                             : Anna Salai, Chennai
Account Number                                                       :20017963656
Name of Account                                                      : Sukriti Social Foundation
9 digit MICR number                                                :600014003
Savings account                                                       : SAVINGS
SWIFT Code/ Remittance Instructions                 :  MAHBINBBMTR
IFSC CODE                                                               :MAHB0000400


Cheques favouring SUKRITI SOCIAL FOUNDATION can be sent to

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Disabled, pregnant and no toilet in sight

Viji, a 24-year old polio affected woman lives near Arani town (150 kms from Chennai). Viji cannot walk. She crawls to get anywhere she has to go. Viji is married to Dharani Kumar, who runs a road side food joint.

Six months pregnant now, Viji is struggling without a toilet. She has to crawl a kilometre to reach a covered space and relieve herself. In the night, the mud road is unlit and makes it even more difficult for Viji.

A toilet for dignity and safety

It has become an urgent need for Viji to have a toilet. Without a decent toilet within reach, Viji could end up having a premature delivery or a miscarriage.

Viji lives in a pucca house that has the space to build a toilet. Sukriti estimates that a toilet can be built in 17 days at a cost of Rs. 17120/-. Through its field partner, Sukriti will ensure proper construction of the toilet for Viji.


Would you like to help Viji? Now is the time. Reach Sowmya Simhan, Founder-Trustee, Sukriti at 94447-98474. We will be happy to share more details.

This appeal has since been fulfilled