When shadows grow longer...

Ganga Bhavani is a 65 old left leg polio affected unmarried woman.She spent her life helping her family members with the little she was earning as a domestic worker.When at home,she would cook,clean,wash,look after their children and do whatever odds and ends jobs she could do. Six months back her right leg got affected by arthritis disabling her totally. She is not able to to take a single step forward independently and has to be helped for all her daily chores. Dejected and depressed she came to us as on an earlier occasion we had given her a caliper and walker. She was all in tears and said she wanted to be put in an old age home because nobody wants to keep her with them as she is of no use.On enquiring with a few free homes, we were told that her family should not have any contact with her once she is admitted to the home and even in case of the ultimate happening the family will not be informed. This greatly upset her. Now we had to look at other alternatives.
So in consultation with her ortho, we decided to give her home based rehab program.First we have to put her on physiotherapy for at least six months. The second is to take care of her monthly food expenses.The cost works out to
Physio therapy for 12 days in a month @ Rs 250/day -Rs 3000
Monthly food expense -Rs 500


She always starts her conversation over phone with Vaazhga Valamudan however sad she may be. Its time to reciprocate.