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Need for MCR footwear

Need: Though leprosy burden has drastically come down after introduction of Multi Drug Therapy, Social stigma and discrimination has been a major hurdle towards Integration and empowerment of persons with leprosy disabilities. As many of us aware that leprosy is curable at all stages but loss of sensation on feet has been causing recurrent ulcers/ wounds in the foot of the leprosy affected persons. Sensation once lost cannot be restored. The leprosy affected persons with insensitive foot need to wear protective footwear to prevent the occurrence of ulcers which most often leads to deformities and also to disabilities.
If once the ulcer had occurred in the feet, then the affected person usually needs to take proper rest to get it cured. Naturally s/he loses daily income for a quite a few days. And so, many of the leprosy affected person do not take rest & end up getting chronic ulcers & deformities. This problem is equally faced in both the rural & urban areas.

Impact: Insensitiveness is the permanent problem for leprosy affected persons. MCR foot wears would protect their foot from getting new injuries and prevent from aggravation of ulcers leading to deformity and disability. This would minimize the number of leprosy affected persons turning to hospital for ulcer treatment minimize the number of resting days so that the person could continue his work without losing their income. All the more regular use of MCR would prevent and minimize deformities and disability and enhance the potentiality of person to work and earn for their lively hood.

200 persons requiring MCR footwear over a period of one year have been identified across Tamilnadu. One pair of MCR footwear costs Rs 500/-

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A spinal column injury patient Veeraraghavan requires total rehabilitation

Veeraraghavan was working as a driver. His happy family comprised of his wife and two children.Two years back,he had gone to his native village with his family for the yearly temple festival.His children wanted to have tender coconut water. To pluck coconut he climbed up the tree and suddenly lost balance and fell down. This incident totally changed his life.He suffered a spinal column injury which totally paralysed his left leg and he can not move without help. He will never be able to drive again.With the meager daily earnings of his wife as a construction worker,with the mounting medical expenses it was impossible to make both ends meet.So he sent his children away to Ramakrishna Mission school.He misses them a lot.His immediate need is a caliper for his left leg. He requires further rehabilitation also which to start with is to support him for his monthly meals and medical expenses
Cost of caliper Rs 3500
Cost of medicines per month Rs 1000
Cost of meals expenses per month Rs 500