Micro Enterprise

A powered sewing machine will improve the quality of Mr Murugan's life

Mr T. Murugan is a person with 80 % disability. He is a tailor earning around Rs. 150 per day during festival season. He is helped by a local tailor in stitching clothes. Mr. Murugan has got an old Kumar brand sewing machine. Since his left leg is affected with disability he is unable to continuously pedal the machine to stitch clothes. More over the machine has become very old. Murugan has got two female children namely. Selvi Kalpana and Selvi Kalshika studying 9th standard and 8th standard respectively. Mr. Murugan’s wife Ms. Parvathi Murugan helps her husband in carrying out needle work. Mr. Murugan has put up his tailoring shop in a thatched shed adjacent to his house which is thatched roof with mud walls. However Mr. Murugan does not own the land. Mr. Murugan does not have any property of his own. All his brothers are engaged either as agricultural cooly work or serve as helper in cooking for local marriage parties and other family functions.Mr. Murugan has requested for an electric motor fitted sewing machine which would fetch him regular income.
Cost Rs 10000/-

                  Mr Murugan in his shop


Drops of water make an ocean

n July 2010, we conducted a cycle servicing and assembling training at Amar Seva Sangam in Tirunelveli District. Post training, 3 persons were ready to set up shops. We have provided each one of them with two cycles for renting and a tool kit. But to break even they require 6 cycles for renting. The rate for renting cycles is at Rs 6 /hour. As all of them have orthopedic disability, they also need a compressor to pump air.
They are:
Mr.S. Madappan is a polio affected person and is able to walk with a stick.A widower aged 27 years, he has 2 children taken care of by his mother. He is from Sundarapandiyapuram-Thattankulam near Tenkasi. Total No. of Bicycles in this area approximately 2500. No. of Bicycle shops in this area is only 2. These shops are not sufficient. So he has opened a shop from a rented place. There is vast potential in this area and he has a very good chance for improving his economic condition.

Mr.R. Esakkimuthu aged 31 years is a polio affected person and is ble to walk without any appliance. Mother works as an agricultural labourer.He belongs to Kadanganari. Total No. of Bicycles in this area approximately 450 and number of bicycle shops is 3, these area small shops doing minor repair only. These shops are not sufficient to cater to the needs of the village. He has his own house where he has opened his shop.

Mr.V. Pechimuthu is a polio affected person (left hand affected) and is able to do Bicycle Repair & Assembling. Age 26, his parent are doing own agriculture work and he is from Kadanganari. He has opened his bicycle shop near Alangulam which is a Town Panchayat. No. of Bicycle in this area approximately 4600. No. of Bicycle shops in this area - 6. He has opened his shop in a rented place.

Total Nos of cycle required - 12 nos

Number of compressors required - 3 nos
Cost of a bicycle -Rs 3300
Cost of a compressor -Rs 6000



Mr Madappan in his Murugan bicycle shop on the inauguration day

Total cost of cycles (12x3300) Rs 39600
Total cost of compressor Rs 18000

Total Rs 57600

We know that this can not be fulfilled by a single person. But drops of water makes an ocean.





                                                                                          Mr Esakkimuthu outside his Sivasakthi Cycle shop

         Mr Pechimuthu outside his Muthu Bicycle Shop