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Blurred image of a beautiful butterfly seen through a magnifying glassBlurred image of a beautiful butterfly seen through a magnifying glass

Group photoGroup photoA training program on cycle servicing and assembling was conducted at Tiruvannamalai from 27th November to 1st De


Training in cycle servicing and assembling was conducted from 27th February 2012 to 5th March 2012 at Madurantakam in partnership with ASSCOD.10 persons were trained by Mr Gangadharan from TI Cycles.

A craft workshop for the special educators of Sri Arunodayam was conducted by Mrs Indira Govindan of Dharmakarma Arts,U.S.A.

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Every year we conduct road safety awareness programs as a prevention of disability initiative.This year we conducted a painting competition on road safety at Rani Lady Meyyammai School on 13th January


The International Day of Persons with Disabilities was observed on 3rd December 2012 at Maharashtra Bhavan,Vepery,Chennai.The event was attended by more 250 persons from Sukriti's partnering organisa


As a prevention of disability initiative,we have been conducting EYE SCREENING CAMPS every year since 2006, doing free cataract surgery and giving free spectacles too.


Training in Cycle Assembly and Repair, Thiruvallur
From 27.6.2011 To 30.6.2011
In association with IRCDS, Vasantham Federation and TI Cycles

Program Report


Road safety education program was conducted for 150 students of class eleven of PS Higher Secondary School,(Main) today(11th Jan 2011) in association with Arrive Safe Society,Chandigarh and Lions Clu