Eye camp at Little Drops

As a prevention of disability initiative,we have been conducting EYE SCREENING CAMPS every year since 2006, doing free cataract surgery and giving free spectacles too.

Eye screening helps in identifying cataract which is one of the common reasons for loss of vision.Other than that camps also helps in knowing any other problem that could affect vision. Vision power is checked and appropriate spectacles are prescribed.Sankara Nethralaya do regular eye screening camps and they also do free cataract surgery for the affected. Spectacles are provided at much cheaper rate.
This year sukriti conducted eye screening camp at Little Drops, an old age home for destitute elderly people. It is a two decade old organisation serving the homeless elderly people with four branches in Tamil Nadu ( three in and around Chennai- Paraniputhur, Somangalam and Sriperumbudur, one in Dharmapuri district).

The Eye Sreening Camp at Little Drops was held on 23/8/2011 and 24/8/2011.
On 23rd it was held at Little Drops Paraniputhur branch where we screened nearly 60 elderly people both men and women. On 24th it was held at Somangalam branch where around 60 elderly men and women were screened.

In somangalam branch we came across one elderly lady who enquired about us when she will get spectacle in English and when replied in Tamil she went on to say that “ when I speak in English you should reply back in English” and in another instance one elderly claimed that she was a dancer, got married at the age of 14 and even now at the age of 90 she can still dance. These are some lighter moment otherwise we felt sad looking at them and the reality of life. Those elderly people had nothing but sadness and disappointment in 

 their face.

It was found that no one could go through cataract surgery due to age factor. But 33 people were in need of new spectacles and these will be delivered shortly

             Eye screening camp at Little Drops