Cycle training at Madurantakam

Training in cycle servicing and assembling was conducted from 27th February 2012 to 5th March 2012 at Madurantakam in partnership with ASSCOD.10 persons were trained by Mr Gangadharan from TI Cycles. The profiles of the trainees are as below:

1. S.Kadirvelu aged 30. Is an amputee, lost his left leg below knee and works as a barber. He is married has small children.

2. S.Tamilarasan aged 45. An amputee lost his left leg thigh down due to unknown medical condition. Worked as truck driver. Has 4 children

3. V.Veeraragavan, aged 45.Orthopedically challenged due to an accident lost mobility in right hand. Has 2 children, his son too has heart complication undergoing treatment. Worked as laborer.

4. S.Gopi aged 28. Orthopedically challenged due to polio and uses crutches. Studying diploma course in DTP.

5. R.Elumalai aged 30. Amputee lost his left leg knee down due to an accident.

6. S.Elumalai aged 21 and has intellectual disability

7. M.Mani aged 19. He is suffering from mild Cerebral Palsy.

8. J.Muniyandi aged 32. He seems to suffer from both polio and cerebral palsy as he had difficulty in speaking too. Works in a petrol pump in filling air.

9. M.Murugan aged 32. He is orthopedically challenged due to polio both the legs were affected. Has gained many skills including servicing bi-cycles. At times does groundnut trade.

10. K.Ethiraj aged 30. He is orthopedically challenged due to polio,his left leg mildly affected and can walk unaided. Has worked in a cycle shop.

On the first day, it was theoretical training - chart was displayed marking each and every part in a cycle. Xerox copies of the same given to candidates. It was aimed at familiarizing with the cycle and its components. Two cycles also brought both ladies and gents.

Second day gents cycle was disassembled and taught how to assemble it. Each and every candidate was asked to assemble not once but more than twice. All candidates worked in pairs to disassemble and assemble cycle. On second day only the tools names and how to use it were taught.

Third day ladies cycle was disassembled and assembled. While a pair of candidates worked assembling ladies cycle another pair assembled gents cycle. Candidates were explained the difference between both cycle.

Fourth day training was on fixing wheels (fixing spokes).

Fifth day was on fixing punctures in tyre tubes.
All the candidates were given a certificate