Art Workshop for the Differently Abled

Sukriti conducted an art workshop on the Role of Illustrators in the Print Media on 4th March 2007 at ICSA Centre in Egmore, Chennai. 43 participants registered for the workshop – 14 from Andhra Mahila Sabha, 10 from Indian Red Cross Society, 5 from ICSA, 8 from Guild of Service, 3 from Freedom Trust and 3 independent participants. 

            Art Workshop Poster


Mr. Sridhar from Maithri Educational and Charitable Trust, co-organiser of the workshop, welcomed the gathering.

In her introduction, Ms. Sowmya Simhan from Sukriti Social Foundation said that the job opportunities for illustrators in the print media is on the rise. This is a very good vocation for the disabled considering the limitations that they face.

The workshop was inaugurated by Mrs. Hemalatha Rajan, Director, Ma Foi Management Consultants Ltd. In her inaugural address, she said that all human beings are disabled in some way or the other. She advised the participants to develop their skills and talents to conquer disability. She also offered all her help and support to the organisers in all their future projects.

Mrs. Rajalakshmi Ramakrishnan from Sukriti Social Foundation proposed the vote of thanks.

              Art Workshop in Progress


The workshop commenced with the participants being asked to draw a picture for any one of the stories from the book that was given to them. Mr. Shyam, resource person, examined the work of each and every participant and gave his comments. He shared his experience in this field and the skill sets that are needed in this field. He also demonstrated the tips with illustration of a short story where a disabled man falls in love with a disabled girl when they go to repair their scooters with the same scooter dealer. He emphasized that the illustrations for a story should always kindle the curiosity in the mind of the reader to read the story.

Mr. Shyam further demonstrated illustration for silent jokes, advertisements and many more themes. Finally the participants were asked to work on a picture he drew on the board. At the end of the session he reviewed the work of all the participants and gave his suggestions. He also appreciated one participant from the Guild of Service who went beyond what was taught by him and said that artists should always have the ability to think.

  Participants engrossed in the art workshop


After the welcome address by Mr. Sridhar, the participants shared their experience about the workshop. Their response was very positive and encouraging. They appreciated the concept and said that so far they have gone for many competitions and even won prizes but have never attended any workshop. Workshops greatly help them in honing their skills and they have learnt a lot here.

In her valedictory address, Mrs. Nandita Krishna, Hon. Director, C P Ramaswamy Ayyer Foundation said that there is a lot of scope for artists in today's growing media. She said that a web database of disabled artists should be maintained .She offered all her support for the organisers in all their future projects. She distributed certificates to all the participants.

Winding up the workshop, Ms Sowmya Simhan said that through this workshop the participants have been thrown open to the various avenues available in the field of art. It is now up to them to develop their skills to become professionals in this field. She also thanked all the people who made this workshop possible .The programme concluded with the National Anthem.