Small steps, Big Journey

Sarvesh and Sajid are two of the 517 children helped by Sukriti during 2017-18

Looking at the 2/12 years old Sarvesh, it’s hard to believe that he was born with club foot. As soon as he was born, his mother knew that there was something wrong with her baby’s leg. Thankfully, he has been undergoing treatment from day four at the ICH. A surgery followed with corrective shoes for Sarvesh has done he magic. He is wearing the shoes for the past two years and consequently we have given him three shoes. It’s so rewarding to watch his progress, to see a proud smile on a child who is walking, riding a tricycle for the first time. His parents are overwhelmed and are filled with gratitude.

Just as how Sarvesh is enjoying his life, similarly, we supported more than 517 children with disabilities to see a ray of hope in their life. It is crucial to offer our support at an age when their disabilities can be corrected by using proper aids and appliances. Imagine a child with permanent disabilities when we could have helped him/her overcome? Therefore, our intervention at the early age is vital.

How did we do:

Sukriti Social Foundation works at the Orthopedic Dept of Institute of Child Health, Chennai. Children who need othopedic appliances are referred to us.We take measurements and appropriate appliances are given within five days, free of cost. The Social Worker monitors the clients through the family visits and ascertains the usage of the assistive devices and guides the parents. We provide counselling and guidance to parents to provide appropriate care and support to their affected child.

Why do we what we do?

Neglecting preventable disability in children is is a brutal tragedy. It robs children of opportunities to grow, to wonder, to discover their gifts, to celebrate life, to live with purpose ad dignity.

Children born with disability has long-term consequences. They are less likely to go to school and complete their education and more likely to struggle academically. Illiteracy brings hopelessness and sentences people to a life of poverty. It is linked to unemployment, long-term illnesses, violence and social discrimination. As adults they are more likely to stay poor and struggle in their life.

We value each child’s life as precious and that’s why we are committed to help children overcome disabilities at the early age.


The Impact

25% of the children who were provided aids and appliances are leading a normal life today. They are able to walk, run and take part in all activities. Most importantly, they are preparing themselves to enter regular schools, which is a great improvement. We are so glad that these children will now grow up to be confident and independent persons having great potentials.


And to see the joy and relief of the parents, we feel motivated to work even more harder to reach children who would need our support.