Our Champion Mr. V.Sriraman


Meet Sriraman

“I have been  associated with  Sukriti Social Foundation  for the past seven years. The number of years does not matter. What matters is their exemplary work towards the people with disability, especially children,” recalls Mr. Sriraman – one of our ardent well wisher.

Mr. Sriraman has been raising funds for us for the past seven years and still counting!

“The remarkable and significant work of Sukriti Social Foundation at the Children's Hospital is outstanding. Every little moment spent by the team at the hospital transforms a life. As each year passes, we are heartened to hear the stories of parents whose children Sukriti has helped. Parents whose heart is no longer heavy with the hope that is planted by the dedicated team at  Sukriti. And with each story that I hear I know that dreams are made possible.

I will continue to support Sukriti for the great and much needed work they do. A musical event is being planned for June for which I am an underwriter and I will give Sukriti 100 tickets which they can sell. Additionally, I will also share some of the proceeds with Sukriti and another NGO,” says Sriraman.

Thank you, Mr Sriraman for believing in our cause and continuing to make the dreams of children possible.  We value your support.