Looking through a magnifying glass

Even the most beautiful thing can look ugly if you look through a magnifying glass.How many times we see people looking at the disabilities with a magnifying glass in their hand-be it in a job interview or school /college admission.
Every year we bring out a calendar with the paintings of persons with disabilities. It is an effort at making people look at the abilities than on the disabilities with a magnifying glass in their hand.
We invite entries from persons with disabilities for the calender. The following points to be noted:
1. Only digital images to be sent
2. Only colour paintings with be accepted
3.The image should be sent without frame
4.It should be the artist's original and unique work.
5. A brief write up with photo of the artist to be sent
6.Entries to be sent to sukritifoundation@gmail.com
7. Last date for submission of entries:10.September 2014
8.Selection committe's decision is final