Wheel chair at Dilli Haat

I was at Delhi during the Common Wealth Games.Dilli Haat is a place I always like to visit because it is cent per cent disabled friendly. When I went in I could not get one at all. I was told that of the two wheelchairs one was condemned and the other usable one was already taken by somebody. After an hours wait I got it. Well, after using it we all really wondered if it was after all worth the visit to Dilli Haat. Because of the very very poor condition of the wheelchair, it was just impossible to propel it forward.It was tilting on either side all the time and it had to be pushed so hard to move it, I was scared I may fall off and injure myself. At the end, I was more than relived to get out of it. Obviously I was in no position to look at what was on display and all the time and effort spent on going to Dilli Haat went a total waste.

In fact last time I had been there some five years back, the wheel chair was in bad shape. This time I thought they may have changed it due to CWG because the newspapers were all talking about Dill Haat only.When Crores of rupees has been spent on the games, can they not spend a few hundreds to maintain a wheel chair leave alone replacing it with a new one? It is total apathy of the officials that utilities for disabled get maintained like this. They may as well not have it.