Tri cycles for the disabled

The other day I saw a disabled man in a tricycle. He was traveling in a disabled tricycle. As he gad to cross the under bridge, his wife was propelling the tricycle.Obviously tricycle had poor gradient climbing ability.

Today there is so much talk about going ecofriendly. With rising cost of fuel, traffic problems, high level of pollution etc lot of people are going back to the good old cycle. There are a number of models and brands of bicycle in the market today-the ones for kids, ladies, gents and of cource the very swanky ones price ranging between Rs 2500 to Rs 30000. There are new innovations and newer models coming everyday. One bicycle manufacturer claims that every 9 second one bicycle rolls out their plant. We also have battery operated bicycles in the market today that cost around Rs 12000. The manufacturer of such eco friendly bicycles says they sell 300 units per month in Chennai alone.

All of these sounds good. But has anybody thought of designing a tricycle with good features for the disabled ? These have no riding comfort.They are not ergonomically designed,the handle does not have soft grips,the chain wheel does not have a good grip,well, we can go on.If at all they are any in the market, they are a way too expensive. When will the change come?