Success Stories

Realising Dreams ...and ... earning a livelihood too

"My dream is to visit a big factory" was the innocent reply we got from Muthuvel when we asked him about his ambition in life. Muthuvel hails from an economically challenged rural family with very little education and no one to give directions to achieve his dream. He has a family of two sisters and ageing parents to support .He lost his hearing ability during his 11th year due to an accident and his school education was truncated and was listless in life.

A reluctant and diffident Muthuvel came for the bicycle servicing training program. On the first day when he saw the huge cycle manufacturing facility at TI Cycles in Chennai, there was a sparkle in his eyes and the trigger was set off .The first word he uttered was “I have realized my dream ".

A brief counseling and a few days of training at the factory made him comfortable and slowly he gained confidence and within a week he started taking lead in the program. He was appreciated by the trainer and TI management selected him for regular employment in their dealer networks. He was given enhanced training and was made fit for taking up the challenges of employment. He now works at the TI Cycles outlet at Vandalur Zoo. His work takes him to Ooty and Kodiakanal and he enjoys every moment of it. Now has a hearing aid with which he interacts with the customers and the members of the public with ease and in short he says "I am happy” and wants to move forward in life. Though his family situation continues to lurk behind, he has outgrown his diffidence and is moving forward confidently.

Talent, opportunity and livelihood.....

Thannikachalam always bubbling with energy comes from an educationally and economically challenged family. He has 65% disability due to polio in limbs.Though educated up to 10th class with many vocational training programs to his credit, he still could not get productive employment and was doing odd jobs. Just then he was taken on board for the program as he had an aptitude handling challenging jobs and had trouble shooting skills as a mechanic. He was identified by TI for further enhanced training and was slated for employment in TI's dealer's network.

“Where ever I went for training I was offered what was available in the institutes and I learnt it and waited patiently for something to happen and my patience has now been rewarded” he said when he got his first salary. “I want to become a dealer for the same company” he says and we can see hope and aspiration in his eyes. .He feels interacting with the visitors to the zoo is an experience in itself
Both of them together manage the renting and servicing of 300 cycles and 5 E-bikes at Vandalur Zoo. Both of them commute 4 hours both ways on a daily basis which is very fatiguing. But the will to learn, earn and progress in life is the motivating factor and together they show to the world that given the right direction and opportunity they too can excel is their chosen field of activity