Are we truly computer-literate?

We all are talking about computer literacy. Even a class 1 student today operates the computer toady much to the fascination of the old grandparent. Everybody today is computer literate. Yes, they know to open, save and close a file. But that's not all. Computer literacy is much more than that. It extends much, much beyond this.

Why is it that even the so called computer literate people are not able to find a job for themselves. That is because the job market needs are different. They want people who have advanced computing skills,speed and accuracy. Data entry extends beyond just typing. There lies the skill gaps.

Our objective through this computer training is to bridge these skill gaps. We want to provide a kind of training that would lead the disabled to a gainful employment. That is our mission-of making the disabled use ICT for gainful employment. We believe that even if you train 1000 people in data entry jobs, you can place all of them in Chennai itself provide they have the kind of skills that the job market requires that I mentioned above.