Mobile phone servicing training can help Sam Binny earn a living

Mr. Sam Binny,34 years old, is a polio affected person having 75% disability. He lost his parents when he was in his childhood. Mr Sam Binny is  being looked after by his unmarried brother Mr. Godwin  Richard, who currently works as security guard for  hospital here in Chennai. The job is transferable and temprory in nature based on the need and requirement the security agency. Both brothers are residing in a rented house.Mr. Sam Binny has completed his 8th standard. Due lack of support he could not pursue higher education

Mr. Sam Binny would like to undergo training in mobile phone  servicing for which Rs. 7000 required. If supported he may able to get some job in private shops and make some income and support his brother who has dedicated his life towards the well-being of Sam Binny.

Amount Required: Rs 7000

Amount raised so far:Rs 0

Posted on 28.12.2014